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Summer 2019 Update

CitySquare Advocacy gets you up to speed on everything we're doing to fight poverty by giving our neighbors a voice in public policy.


Any organization needs a well-proven personnel training mechanism. In the case of CitySquare Advocacy, new employees must definitely know the laws, be able to communicate with people, understand the history of the country and anything else that a common visitor may not know about. But the preparation time for a new employee should be as comfortable and convenient as possible for both the employee and the employer. For this, and for many similar things, there are services in which anyone can create their own training course, with a convenient interface. Kwiga is one of those. It is quite possible to create a course design in half an hour and even start selling it, which is not very necessary for those who are going to use it to train their employees. Of course, this cannot be compared with a university education and after completing any online course you cannot immediately become a Doctor of Science, but it will work well for obtaining basic skills.

Being a complete individualist is only beneficial on very rare occasions. In most cases, only a lot of people united by one goal are able to achieve a result. No human being is Superman who can solve all problems on his own. The high criminality rate in a particular area is primarily associated with the poverty of the population. Professional writing services write that the poorer the area, or city block, the more crimes it contains. But this cannot be related to such things as skin color or nationality. All people need to fight for their rights of their neighbors, their fellow citizens and, ultimately, for all people on the planet. All people should have access to education, healthcare, police, legal aid from birth, and only by uniting can this be achieved. And I'm glad that there are organizations like CitySquare Advocacy that also understand this and are making great strides in this.

Episode 3 is here! Watch a trailer for Reverend Britt's interview with life-long poverty fighter JR Newton, then listen here.

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 CitySquare works each Census cycle to inform and empower our neighbors. Participation in the Census is vital to accurate electoral representation. Results from the Census drive many funding decisions within our government. Below, hear Reverend Gerald Britt's message on the importance of the Census.

Update on the 2020 Census - Urban Engagement Podcast

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Some Fear Undercount As Texas Decides Not To Spend Money On 2020 Census

July 16, 2019 | NPR

You can also read Reverend Britt's recent op-ed on violence in our city, published in the Dallas Morning News, by clicking here.


If you'd like to learn more about our work on this issue, or connect with Reverend Britt, please contact us.



2019 is shaping up to be one of the most violent years in Dallas history. A record number of homicides has neighbors and leaders concerned. CitySquare has heard and shares these concerns. We are focused on understanding the problem and advocating for those who feel its impact most. 

Below, find a segment from a recent episode of the Urban Engagement Podcast in which Reverend Britt discusses the situation.

Violence in Dallas - CitySquare's Urban Engagement Podcast

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