Vote NO! on HB1250/SB671

Save Texas families money, time and dignity.

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Vote NO on HB1250/SB671 to save Texans money, time and dignity.


HB1250/SB671 would require a photograph be added on Lone Star Cards used for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Cashiers would be expected to check the photo ID at the checkout counter.

2. Who would it impact?

Families: Adding photo ID to Lone Star Cards would make it harder and more time consuming for families that are already food insecure to access healthy groceries.


Retailers: Retailers would be unfairly forced to devote time and money to training employees on how to police a federal program.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken – The current system of requiring a PIN is highly effective. The fraud rate for SNAP benefits is less than two percent, and most fraud occurs on the retailer end.


SNAP isn’t a credit card – SNAP can only buy a very limited number of food items. Benefits are determined by household, not by individual. Any member of the household and any caregiver may use the benefits for family grocery shopping.

Human dignity – experiencing poverty is traumatic enough without forcing food insecure families to undergo the humiliation of being flagged and having ID demanded for buying basic human necessities.


Unenforceable, possibly illegal – Retailers must legally allow any member of a household on SNAP to make purchases using the household’s Lone Star Card. Retailers would be breaking the law if they deny purchases to one member of the household because another’s photo is on the card.


What you can do:

Call your state senator and representative TODAY and tell them to VOTE NO on HB1250/SB671 to save Texans money, time and dignity.

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