Vote YES! on HB1257

Allow local governments to fight homelessness

Learn about the issue. Then take action.

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Pass HB1257 to allow Texas communities to outlaw housing discrimination.


HB1257 would repeal a statewide ban that prevents local governments from outlawing housing discrimination.

2. Who would it impact?

Neighbors: Passing this bill could potentially lift thousands out of homelessness while eliminating the threat of homelessness for countless others by allowing local governments to protect Texans from housing discrimination.

Fighting Homelessness – ensure that families who are qualified for housing have access to it, so they aren’t left on the street or in a shelter.

Effective Use of Resources – more than $8 million a year in housing vouchers go unused in North Texas, largely due to housing discrimination.

Fairness and Equity – housing discrimination leads to high inequality by concentrating low-income neighbors in areas with poor access to critical services and resources like public transportation.

End the Stigma – current laws perpetuate the stigma & misinformation many landlords have toward vouchers.


What you can do:

Call your state representative TODAY and tell them to VOTE YES on HB1257 so that Texas cities can fight homelessness.

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