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Keep Texas Kids Healthy and Strong.

Learn about the issue. Then take action.

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Support bills (ex: HB 342 / SB 637 and HB 1110 / SB 147) that improve access to health coverage for children and mothers through the expansion of Medicaid. 

2. Who would it impact?

Texas Children: Bills that move to a 12-month continuous eligibility system will promote enrollment and retention for children and reduce administrative workload and costs for the state. 


Texas Mothers: Bills that extent Medicaid coverage to 12-months for mothers’ post-partem will allow them to receive the services they need. When we have healthy moms, we have healthier children. 

Protect Our Children

Texas has the highest rate and number of uninsured children in the country, and the problem is getting worse. 1 million children in Texas do not have consistent access to health care coverage. These 1 million children are more susceptible to preventable illnesses, chronic absenteeism, and worse educational outcomes than insured children.


Build a Stronger Workforce

Access to health coverage such as Medicaid, can lead to improved school and health outcomes. Studies show children with health coverage, specifically those covered by Medicaid, have higher incomes later in life and improved economic mobility. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that when access to Medicaid is increased for children, there is a 5% decrease in the high school dropout rate and more than a 3% increase in the four-year college attainment rate. 


Save Texans Time and Money​

This change in coverage will reduce administrative costs to the state by reducing the number of income checks and streamlining the process to apply for, and stay on, Children’s Medicaid. The change will do away with the burdensome requirement of periodic family income checks, which often leave eligible children without coverage due to paperwork errors. Twelve-month continuous coverage will align Medicaid with the CHIP system in Texas and require families to apply on an annual basis.

What you can do:

Call your state senator and representative TODAY and tell them to VOTE YES on HB342/SB637 to keep Texas kids healthy and strong.

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