Voter Purging

One of the many forms of voter suppression being used in Texas

Learn about the issue. Then take action to fight it..

Voter purging is an attempt by states to remove large blocks of voters from their electoral rolls. A number of states, most with history of race-based voter suppression, have conducted voter purges targeting socio-economic minorities. Texas is the latest state to conduct such a purge.

The rate of these purges has increased more than 33% since the 2013 Supreme Court ruling that gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act.


Texas recently began attempting to purge 95,000 Texas voters from the voter rolls.

The voters targeted are mostly naturalized U.S. citizens living in Texas, 87% of whom are black, Latino or Asian.


This voter purge is clearly racist and it has received condemnation from both sides of the aisle.

Voter purging isn’t just immoral and un-American, it’s illegal. The 1993 National Voter Registration Act prohibits states from removing eligible voters from electoral rolls, and protects minorities from discriminatory purges.

Disenfranchising large groups of American citizens at the polls threatens our democracy, calling our elections into question and putting into office officials who do not have the support of a majority of their constituents.


As the 2020 election approaches, our country and state are grappling with serious issues of election integrity and voter suppression. The right to vote has never been more important.


Call your state senator TODAY and tell them how important it is to fight voter suppression and protect minority voting rights in Texas.

Dallas Area State Senators

Senator Bob Hall | District 2 | 

Senator Angela Paxton | District 8 |  

Senator Kelly Hancock | District 9 |  

Senator Jane Nelson | District 12 | 

Senator Nathan Johnson | District 16 | 

Senator Royce West | District 23 | 

Senator Pat Fallon | District 30 | 

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Others ways to take action

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